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Valle d'Aosta
10 Jul

(News alert) Aosta Valley, Monday 8th of July 2024 – We would like to provide an important update regarding the current accessibility and facilities within the Aosta Valley region. 

Regarding the heavy rain on June 29th 2024

While Breuil-Cervinia is reachable by car and caravans, and all the facilities are open again (both hotels, restaurants, coffee shops, etc.), the road to Cogne is still interrupted and the village is not accessible by car or caravan. The Civil Protection together with the municipality and all touristic stakeholders are working to solve the situation.

Gondol-bane i Aostadalen, Italia

Skyway Monte Bianco (photo: Valle d'Aosta / Atlantic Link).


We are pleased to announce that Breuil-Cervinia is fully accessible by vehicles, and all facilities within the area are open and operational. Visitors can enjoy the wide range of activities and secives available in this renowned resort.

Cogne village

At this time, Cogne village is not accesible. However, we are actively working to resolve this situatiomn

Gran Paradiso National Park

Despite the inaccessibility of Cogne, the Gran Paradiso National Park remains reachable via the Valsavarenche Valley and the Rhêmes Valley. Visitors can continue to enjoy the park's natural beauty from these access points. 

Rest of the Aosta Valley

The rest of the Aosta Valley region is fully accessible. All facilities throughout the region are open and ready to welcome visitors

Person på fottur mellom fjelltopper i Aosta-dalen, Italia

In Breuil-Cervinia - upper hill of Chime Bianche (photo: Valle d'Aosta / Atlantic Link).

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